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49ers vs Bears; Bears prove to be the huge underdogs

The Hopes

When the Bears came in to week three, most football fans believed that the San Francisco 49ers were going to dominate them at Soldier Field.

The Actual Game

With worsening weather conditions and a perfect performance from the Chicago Bears, they were able to pull off an upset win. They won their game by a final score of 19-10.

Bears' Game

The offense executed their strategy perfectly and delivered a decisive victory.

Justin Fields' Performance

With a huge fourth quarter, Justin Fields was able to make some big throws which helped the Bears outscore the 49ers.

Fields' Game

Fields completed 17 for 8 in the game. 2017 was certainly not his season, but it was enough to lead the Packers to victory when it really counted.

49ers Game

Trey Lance and the 49ers offense only scored 10 points, with Eddie Jackson being one of the highlights for the Bears with his pick-six of the game.

The Final Score

The final score of this game was 3-0, giving him his first win as the head coach of the Bears.

49ers vs Bears; Bears prove to be the huge underdogs

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