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Author: Eric M Turnbull

AEW might attain new levels with MJF vs. CM Punk

AEW All Out Main Event

AEW "All Out" main event on Sunday night featuring CM Punk and Jon Moxley was a success with an unexpected twist. CM Punk is back and so is Mike Jackson.

Aftermath of MFJ-Tony Khan Standoff

CM Punk predictably claimed the AEW World Championship in Chicago after a very unpredictable path. This was due to his injury, and the MJF-Tony Khan standoff.

What Makes The Story Interesting

There are rumors of a serious clash between MJF and the promotion after he hasn't been seen since June, cutting a promo on Khan and leaving.

Khan And the Lumpsum

Khan promised to pay the superstar a huge sum and said he agreed not to force the MJF to sign an extension.

AEW might attain new levels with MJF vs. CM Punk

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