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Apple Watch Series 8 and the SE revealed at the apple event

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple has made many updates to their Apple Watch models, which include new and improved performance, safety features and technology upgrades.

New Features

Apple Watch introduces ECG apps, fall detection, retrospective ovulation estimates, and international roaming while adding temperature sensing capabilities.

New Improvements

It now allows for facial designs, an enhanced Workout app that includes the Fib History feature, sleep improvements, medication and dietary management features.


From today, the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE are available to order with availability beginning Friday for customers.

Menstrual cycle management

The menstruating cycle is vital to women and Apple Watch 8 can track this with its new temperature-sensing capabilities.

Wrist Sensor

A wrist sensor on the Apple Watch can offer insight into your sleep health. The sensors sample your wrist temperature every five seconds and measure changes as small as 0.1℃.

Environmental Data

Individuals can synchronize and share environmental data allows people to understand the correlation between lifestyle changes & temperature levels.

Apple Watch Series 8 and the SE revealed at the apple event

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