Bed Bath and Beyond faces new crisis

Publisher: World Heralds

Author: Eric M Turnbull

The Crisis at Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond’s top executive Gustavo Arnal died on the spot, two days after announcing a new round of store closures and layoffs.

Bed Bath and Beyond's Statement

The company's rep Harriet Edelman said that Arnal will be missed for his talents and leadership capabilities.

Arnal's Death

Gustavo Arnal who was 52, was found unresponsive and unconscious after jumping from an elevated psoitition. 

Leadership Changes in Bed Bath & Beyond

The company has announced to shutter off stores and cut down the workforce to cope with a slump in sales.

Gustavo Arnal Experience

Prior to joining Bed Bath and Beyond, Arnal worked at Walgreens, Avon, Boots Alliance and P&G.

Changes in BBBY

The activist investment firms made changes with regard to practices of nepotism.

Changes in Board Structure

The board was reduced to 10 independent directors from 12 after the restructuring.

Steve Temares stepped down

Mary Winston replaced Steve Temares as the interim CEO on May 13th 2019.

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