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Cara Delevingne, spotted in Burning Man Festival during covid breakout

The Concern

Fans have missed their chance to get the answers they seek after Cara Delevingne was photographed Monday by TMZ with her "Suicide Squad" co-star, Margot Robbie.


They have been concerned about her health after an odd incident Sept. 5 at Van Nuys Airport and now have questions about her mental state.

Cara Delevingne Missing

She didn't attend the launch of her own capsule collection with Karl Lagerfeld in New York City as Page Six claimed.

Possible Meltdown

While Delevingne hasn't publicly mentioned what's bothering her, her airport meltdown occurred after a few days of partying at Burning Man.

Covid Outspread

This year, Burning Man also featured a new plague. COVID made over 40 people sick and 20 were hospitalized, as this media company reported.

Didnt Attend The Emmys

Her difficulties haven't included concerns about a COVID infection, but the actor was notably missing from the 2022 Emmy Awards on Monday night

Was She Asked to Leave?

The Daily Mail said she did not leave voluntarily by either being asked to leave or deciding that it was not worth sticking around.

Cara Delevingne, visibly troubled, spotted in Burning Man Festival during covid breakout

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