Coco Gauff Advances To US Open Quarterfinals At The Age Of 15

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Author: Eric M Turnbull

Coco Gauff, the youngest American to make it this far at the U.S. Open in years, defeated Zhang in straight sets of 7-5, 7-5.

Coco's Achievement

Cori Gauff has a career-high ranking of world No. 11 in singles. She also reached the world-number-one spot in doubles.

Coco Ranking

Gauff is the youngest WTA champion in more than a decade. She has won two singles titles and five doubles titles, partnering with Caty McNally on three occasions.

Coco Gauff Won 

She is ranked 1 in the world from her win at the 2018 French Open. She’s also a junior Grand Slam doubles champion, coming in first at the 2018 US Open.

Coco Gauff ranked 1

At the age of 15, she reached her first major final. By 2021, she had reached a major final in doubles and in 2022 she had achieved the same in singles.

Coco Gauff at 15

Through the first week of television coverage in the United States, each of Serena’s matches drew more viewers than the one before.

Coco Gauff viewers

She has achieved many milestones in the past month, such as becoming a doubles No.1 and her ever-improving game is closer to her goal of being a singles No. 1 and achieving a major title.

Coco Gauff achieved milestone

Gauff is a 20-year-old American tennis player who became famous after beating Venus Williams at Wimbledon in the opening round.

Coco Gauff became famous by

Gauff made her debut on the WTA Tour in Miami earlier and had her first win. She received a wildcard to qualify at Wimbledon, making her the youngest player ever to make a main draw of the tournament!

Coco Gauff debut

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