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Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 76th birthday today


While the phrase "one-in-a-million" is used liberally, Freddie Mercury truly deserved to be called "One-in-a-million"

The Icon

Freddie Mercury's star seems to never dim and is still present in pop culture with the biopic of his life. With songs and fashion that are a permanent fixture.

A Star Born in Zanzibar

Mercury was a British subject who was born in Zanzibar. They became a citizen of the UK after emigrating to England.

An Escape

Mercury and his family fled to England to save themselves from the violence of the revolt against Zanzibar's Sultan. Thousands of Indians and ethnic Arabs were killed in the incident.

Entry to the Workforce

After graduating from Ealing Art College with a diploma in graphic arts, Mercury went on to design heraldic arms for his band Queen.

The Odd Jobs

He worked as a baggage handler in Heathrow airport. Other friends from the time remember him as shy and introverted but with a great interest in music.

The Encounter

Taylor recalls, "Back then, I didn't really know him as a singer—he was just my friend. My good friend! If there was fun to be had, Freddie and I were usually involved."

He temporarily joined Sour Milk Sea an Oxford-based band, but by early 1970 this group had broken up as well.

The Temporary

"Somebody to Love", "Killer Queen", "Bohemian Rhapsody",  "Don't Stop Me Now", "We are the Champions", and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" were all written by him.

Songs He Wrote

Freddie Mercury would have celebrated his 76th birthday today

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