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Handmaid’s Tale’s new season to focus on Serena and June

June and Serena

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Atwood's dystopian vision in A Handmaid's Tale feels relevant again. But this also means that it focuses solely on the bond between June and Serena


Serena was traumatized after Commander Waterford killed himself as she had been complicit in his crimes.

June and Serena Come Together

Despite being a woman, Serena still possesses the skills of a survivor. June cannot let go of her anger, which pulls them back together again.

Maggie's Life

While fighting with her husband over family life, Maggie quickly discovers that she is not willing to compromise.


Moss is a show-runner, producer, and occasional director for the hit show "Handmaid's Tale," which is scheduled to return in just a few weeks.

Final Season

With the sixth season's announcement that it will be the last, the show should be able to build towards a conclusion with a better end game.

Other Plot Points

In The Handmaid's Tale, the macro story explores the relationship of Gilead to the larger world. There are also other plots involving Aunt Lydia

Handmaid’s Tale’s new season to focus on Serena and June

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