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Author: Eric M Turnbull

Jennette McCurdy’s Memoir On Her Mom Helps Make It A Bestseller

New York Times Bestseller

Jennette McCurdy's memoir about her mom has helped her gain a New York Times bestseller position on leading online bookstore Amazon. I

The Book

Unraveling her story of growing up as a child star and her struggles with mental health issues under the care of abusing mother.


McCurdy's book "Unbelievable: My Front-line Battle Against Child Abuse," covered her life after Nickelodeon, and how toxic her relationship with her mother actually was.

The Email from mother

Jennette McCurdy’s read her late mother's email after seeing a photo of McCurdy on TMZ. Debbie rants on McCurdy, asserting that it makes her look "puffy."

The Impact

Her mother's comment about eating her guilt "was particularly triggering for McCurdy, who suffered from an eating disorder during her time on iCarly."

Restrictive Diet

McCurdy's mom introduced her to restrictive eating when she was 11 because she thought it would be an opportunity for the two of them to get closer.

The Restrictive Diet

Jennette McCurdy explained she was eating 1,000 calories a day and "sometimes I'd eat less than that because I wanted my mom to be proud."

Jennette McCurdy’s Memoir On Her Mom Helps Make It A Bestseller

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