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Author: Eric M Turnbull

Jennifer Lawrence's journey to motherhood


The Academy award winner has a new outlook on life after giving birth to her son on February 2022.

Her Experience with Motherhood

"It's difficult to talk about motherhood because there are different experiences. Every experience is unique and there will always be people who find it not as amazing."

The Advice

Before her son was born, her friends told her that she might experience some negative feelings. They told her that she might not be able to feel a strong connection with the baby right away.

The Love For Cat

This leads to a prevalent view that we love our children more than our cats. But that is not true, my friend recalls feeling at nine months. They might be loved as much as the cat!

New Found Love

"My heart has stretched. I include my husband". She recounted the day her son was born. She discovered her new found love for babies now

New Found Love

As per the actress, now whenever she sees a baby crying, her heart melts and she goes "Awwww...".

About Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress. She was born on 15th August 1990. She has many accolades to her credit including an Academy Award.

Jennifer Lawrence's journey to motherhood

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