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Keke Palmer ready to play Rogue, X-men superhero

Casting for X-men

The X-Men are already slated to appear in the MCU, but there is already a demand for the mutant characters, particularly for Keke Palmer.


Current mutants who want to get into the zeitgeist include Top Gun: Maverick's Glen Powell, who has expressed interest in playing Cyclops


The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey revealed that she would enjoy the opportunity to play Storm when her time comes.

Previous Rogue

Rogue, who was originally portrayed by Anna Paquin opposite Hugh Jackman's  and Patrick Stewart's, is one character whose casting has received little attention.

Keke Palmer's Reaction

A TikTok video was posted by a fan previously and Keke Palmer shared it, in addition to the caption "Come on agentttttttt."

Rogue could have a Pivotal Role

Rogue may end up being one of the mutant roles in Marvel Comics that is most crucial in terms of plot developments and character relationships.

In recent years, she has also played roles with personalities comparable to Rogue's.

Keke Palmer's recent portrayals

Keke Palmer ready to play Rogue, X-men superhero

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