Publisher: World Heralds

Author: Eric M Turnbull

King Charles III and The Challenges

The Concerns

Charles III admitted after his first address as king that he would have to leave up a few of the subjects that most satisfied him.

Past Passions

He expresses regret for not being able to pursue the issues and charities that meant a lot to him.

The Challenges

The speech was released to boost the nation's morale, but it was this statement that stood out as an admission of how challenging leading the country would ultimately prove to be.

Queen's Stand

The queen as a politician didn't express any views publicly during her reign, and the content of her weekly audience with the prime minister remains private.

His Ideas

Over a period of about ten years, Charles III promotes a badger cull, better gear for troops in Iraq, increased accessibility to alternative medicines, and many more

His Views on Refugees

In the most recent issue, it was reported that in June he privately maligned Boris Johnson's plan to send refugees back to Rwanda as "disgusting."

He goes on to say that if he wills to continue being known, he had better achieve as much as possible now.

The Changed Life

King Charles III and The Challenges

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