Ohio State Football, Reactions and Takeaways for Week 1

Publisher: World Heralds

Author: Eric M Turnbull

Ohio State vs Notre Dame Score Week 1

Ohio State 21, Notre Dame 10

Ohio State Strikes First

In the first quarter, the Ohio state had 7-3 lead. C.J. Stroud made the first touchdown of the Buckeyes' season.

The Irish Luck

Matt Solerno came forward as the Irish Luck as he was the one making the eventful catch.

Notre Dame in Early Control

The play of Irish QB Tyler Buchner got better reviews. The offence of the team made an impression.

Ohio Buckeyes' Struggling Offense

The Buckeyes' players were struggling to create space consistently.

Ohio's Statement Play in 3rd Quarter

Ohio state regained the lead after Stroud connected with Xavier and made the touchdown.

Ohio State's Lead

Miyan Williams' touchdown run earned the team 95 yards and 21-10 lead.

The Continuing Struggle of Notre Dame

Notre Dame made 2 drops against AP top-5 opponents.

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