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Pinocchio (2022): A Live Action Disney movie


"The film hovers in an existential wasteland. Snarky 1-liners coexist alongside well-worn phrases. It's not simply a piece of wood, but it's also not a genuine boy.

Moral of The Story

The moral of the story is once again how important honesty is. This is something that Pinocchio discovers during the entire nose-growing incident,

About The Movie

The American musical fantasy film Pinocchio, which stars Robert Zemeckis and Chris Weitz, was released in 2022.


The Film's production officially began in April 2015. Sam Mendes and Paul King were both under consideration to helm the film; Zemeckis was announced as the director in January 2020.

Tom Hanks' Casting

Tom Hanks reportedly had early discussions to portray Geppetto in the movie in November 2018. After King left the project, he decided against it, but he returned to it later.


According to rumours, Simon Farnaby began working on a fresh draught of the movie in November 2018.


The film's most recent draught of the screenplay was said to have been written by Weitz, King, and Farnaby, and Weitz and Milano were still involved in the project as producers.

Pinocchio (2022): A Live Action Disney movie

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