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Rick And Morty: Season 6, Episode 1

Season 6 Episode 1

The show begins with Rick's more dramatic voice buzzing in the space where he muses that when someone is dying, the first thing they lose is their creativity.

The Aftermath of Season 5

The first episode is the aftermath of what happened in season 5 Finale "Rickmurai Jack".

Space Beth

After boarding "Space- Beth's spaceship, they arrive in the universe where Beth is still alive. Rick starts hogging sandwiches while Morty gets the Digestibot's nutrient mass.

Green Pulsing

With his portal open, Rick then tries to reset the travel index, but instead, he screws up and sends both Morty and Jerry into green pulsing.

The Alternate Universe

Rick assures them that they will be able to escape. There is an alternative universe where they are citizens of the same world, but in a parallel dimension..

AI Beth

Rick arrives in the reality where he had killed his wife and Beth, but here in this universe, Rick had created an artificial intelligence of the dead Diane's voice as a ghost to haunt himself.

Alien Monster

Rick hops onto a spaceship and travels through a wormhole in order to reach another planet. Suddenly, the commotion begins as an enormous ferocious alien monster leaps into the universe.

Rick And Morty: Season 6, Episode 1

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