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Author: Eric M Turnbull

The Bachelorette Fantasy Suite: After The Finale

The Foreshadow

Bachelorette, Rachel points out that it's "fantasy suite week" on The Bachelorette, and she is right - everything went haywire in the fantasy suites this point.

Rachel's Hesitation

Rachel is hesitant to admit her feelings after what happened with Clayton.

The Precipitating Chemistry

While things are just not happening with John, the chemistry between Gabby and Erich is reaching new levels.

The Hometown Date

Gabby says that their hometown date was meaningful and she’s excited for their next date. They go to a secluded cove and take a “lover’s leap” into the water.

Erich's Confession

After dinner, Erich expresses his love for Gabby and states that he does not wish to leave without her.

Gabby's Feelings

While she hasn't confessed or accepted Erich's confession, she just said that she is waiting for the right moment.

Rachel and Aven

Rachel is not feeling sure about Aven. She said that she didnt feel welcomed by Aven's Family for the hometown date.

The Bachelorette Fantasy Suite: After The Finale

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