Publisher: World Heralds

Author: Eric M Turnbull

The Woman King complicates Good vs Evil

The War

The classic Technicolor used in The Woman King epics were usually dramatic events with stars winning in the heat of battle.

Gina Prince-Bythewood

Prince-Bythewood has consistently created films that are both sweet and bitter, irrespective of the genre.

The Plot

This story set in Dahomey which is situated in modern-day Benin, during the 1830s, follows the life of General Nanisca.

The Plot

Dahomey's primary defender, Nanisca, believes that king should quit Slave trade in the Atlantic as a way to increase profit.

The Struggle

Driven by fears for their own safety and the issue of dwindling resources, the Dahomey people are forced to rely on Nanisca, a woman with the power to craft objects from her soul.

The Highlight of the Movie

The Woman King forces you to think about difficult issues rather than letting the story downplay them.

Davis portrays a character whose elegance conceals a great deal of concealed pain in a powerful, uncompromising, and steely performance

Davis' Performance

The Woman King complicates Good vs Evil

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