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Wendy Williams enters into a wellness facility

Checking into Wellness Centre

Before Williams plans on returning to her television career, she'll be taking some time off to focus on alternative treatments for "overall health issues."


As she gets ready for a big comeback in her career, Wendy is being treated by some of the best doctors in the world.

Long Standing Issue

When the news was confirmed, there were no detailed explanations regarding Wendy Williams’ health problems, but since he's been dealing with them for quite some time, it's not a secret.

She Fainted On-Air

Yahoo was working in her talk show, when she fainted on-air. They realized she was slurring a few words. After more scrutiny, they found out she suffers from Grave's Disease.


At one break, she was residing in a sober residence following a relapse in addiction while experiencing marital issues.

Emotional Distress

Because her spouse of 22 years had a kid with another woman, she filed for divorce in 2019. On top of that, in 2020, she lost her mother unexpectedly.

The author of this article was involved in an employment dispute with the bank Wells Fargo, where they seized some of her assets.

Assets' Seizure

Wendy Williams enters into a wellness facility

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